Saklan Valley School – 2005 Winner

Carol Schofield received her graduate degree in elementary education from the University of California, Berkeley.  She has been an elementary school teacher for 17 years – 10 years in the San Ramon Valley School District and 7 years at Saklan School in Moraga, where she now teaches.  She is known for her imaginative and funny stories that captivate her students’ attention.   Her classroom is lively and full of creativity.  Her principal describes it as “a place of joy and warmth.”  She instills confidence and enthusiasm in her students.  And she gives them individual attention – she takes each of her students out to lunch in small groups twice during every school year.  She is also a mentor to her peers, invites them to her home, and gives them constant support and encouragement. Ms. Schofield also counsels parents in successful parenting techniques.  She gives every family in her class her home phone number and lets them know they can call her any time.