The Athenian School, 2017 Winner

Kalyan teaches history and social sciences at the Athenian School in Danville and is its director of equity and inclusion. He strives to connect with his students, both inside and outside the classroom. He attends school functions such as plays, athletic events and performances in which his students participate. He also weaves the students and their interests into his PowerPoints, tests and discussions. He believes that “students are a reflection of your enthusiasm with what you teach” and perhaps this is why he has never had a single unexcused “tardy” in all his years at Athenian. One student told us, “Kal is a pillar of wisdom, kindness, and deep caring. His passion for equity and justice in American society shines through in every minor task he performs in the class room, fighting to make sure that his students become open minded and compassionate human beings.”